MailGuard Spam & Virus Filtering

Get Started with PowerOne Mailguard servicesThreats come from every part of the Internet including Email. Companies are increasingly being infected by email with links, embedded malware and viruses. Put a stop to it now with MailGuard by PowerOne.

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Spam Filtering Features

With a 99.2% block rate, Mailguard applies multi-layered dynamic self-learning smart filtering technologies to eliminate spam email before it reaches your network. The Mailgaurd system has been refinded by 15 years of protecting mailboxes and features a low false-positive rate.

Spam Filtering Highlights
  • Dynamic Self-learning Scanning
  • Low False-Positive Rates
  • Multi-layered Filtering
  • Quartine Database
  • Quick Release Database
  • Clustered Servers For Fast Processing

Virus Filtering Features

Security is paramount to business continuity and emails with viruses and malware are a major source of infection. With Mailguard your email will be scanned with multiple anti-virus engines and zero day definition updates. Mailguard is the most comprehensive virus canning solution for incoming and outgoing emails.

Virus Filtering Highlights
  • Multiple Anti-Virus Engines
  • Zero Day Definition Protection
  • Comprehensive AV Scans
  • Completely Customizable

Granular Control Features

With Mailguard, you have complete control over the email filtering process. An intuitive web portal provides granular control all the way down to the mailbox level including whitelist and blacklisting senders and quarantine reporting.

Granular Filtering Highlights
  • Complete Control Over Mailflow
  • Customizable @ Mailbox Level
  • Inbound and/or Outbound Filtering
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Whitelist and Blacklist Senders
  • Email Archiving