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PowerOne Get Started with the PowerOne MailGuard ProgramThreats come from every part of the Internet including Email. Companies are increasingly being infected by email with links, embedded malware and viruses. Put a stop to it now with MailGuard by PowerOne.

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PowerOne's MailGuard service is a secure Spam & Virus filtering solution designed to provide your company with an extra layer of protection. The MailGuard service is hosted in the PowerOne cloud and there is no hardware or software to install. MailGuard can be up and running in minutes and MailGuard currently blocks over 95% of spam and malware.




How It Works

MailGuard takes a multi-tiered approach to protecting your network and mailboxes. First, MailGuard will automatically drop all incoming connections from IP addresses that are not in our database. Since most spammers are trying to send large volumes of email in the shortest time frame possible before getting caught their software is configured to not retry connections that are dropped from the recipient side. This is called grey listing and blocks the bulk of incoming spam. Don't worry, legitimate mail servers will retry the connection and are able to deliver the email on the second attempt. The second step is to analyze the initial incoming mail connection and determine the sender reputation of the connecting IP address. The IP address will be validated against several databases that track the email sending habits of email servers. If the incoming IP is listed in these databases the connection is dropped immediately. If the IP addresses has a clean sender reputation the connection will be allowed and the email can be delivered. The last step is to scan the content of the message for common traits of spam and virus emails. If a message fails this test two things can happen. The mail can be tagged with a Spam header and a **SPAM** subject tag then delivered to the destination mailbox. Another option is to hold the email in a mail queue allowing the recipient to review the message and release it to their mailbox.

Complete Control

Our MailGuard web interface provides complete control of the filtering process. With our granular approach, your System Administrator or designed Admin user can maintain control at the top level of the domain and the mailboxes. Recipients can be assigned granular control of their mailboxes based on several options and preferences.

Maximum Savings

Since MailGuard runs in the PowerOne cloud customers can enjoy a significant savings. With MailGuard, the only mail that will be delivered to your mail server is legitimate email. By stopping the spam and malware messages from getting to your email server companies use less resources to handle the email traffic, email storage, processing power.