Service Advantage Program (SAP)

PowerOne Get Started with the Service Advantage ProgramBudget your IT costs effectively with the PowerOne Service Advantage Program. The SAP is designed with the small business in mind.

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PowerOne Service Advantage Program

PowerOne's Service Advantage Program is a complete IT services solution designed to meet the needs and support for your business. We free you to focus on your core business and provide a peace of mind in keeping your IT assets stable and secure. PowerOne is there for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


24/7/365 SUPPORT


Get the Managed Services you need

As PowerOne has serviced hundreds of businesses throughout Florida, we have observed that it is very difficult for you as an owner/manager of a small or medium size business to dedicate staff to maintaining your computer network. Monitoring the overall health of your network, proactive management of your servers, verifying that backups are working effectively, and confirming virus signatures are up-to-date are essential tasks that are often over looked and even put off because of time and/or intimidation factors. PowerOne has developed a new annual support program that will allow you to budget your IT costs and gain greater confidence knowing that your IT infrastructure is being professionally monitored and maintained. The PowerOne Service Advantage Program provides guaranteed periodic reviews of your network and essential IT services. The PowerOne annual Service Advantage Program is highly customizable to your specific needs and offers exclusive program advantages over standard call-as-needed service. PowerOne is confident that the PowerOne Service Advantage Program will benefit your business and give you the peace of mind that your network and computer systems are performing at optimal levels.

Budget your IT costs effectively

PowerOne is the only provider in the market to offer custom tailored managed service packages. We will work with your company to develop the right solution for your company. PowerOne provides several contract levels that allow you to choose the level of support that fits your business' needs. We can help you select the services and plan that will best suit your exact needs.

Maximum Flexibility

To ensure maximum performance of your systems, the annual Service Advantage Program can be customized on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or biannual schedule for proactive service appointments.

Maximum Savings

The Service Advantage Program provides you volume pricing discounts and exclusive benefits for all of your network, computer hardware, software and many other services offered by PowerOne.