PowerOne Get Started with the PowerIT ProgramBudget your IT costs effectively with the PowerOne PowerIT program. PowerIT is designed for small to medium businesses that have more than 10 employees and offers unlimited support incidents.

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With the flat fee PowerIT Manage, PowerOne's premier managed service offering, we become your full-service full-time IT department. You'll get around the clock support, dedicated CTO personnel, planning, compliance and asset management services, as well as guaranteed levels of service and uptime.


24/7/365 SUPPORT


Get the Managed Services you need

As PowerOne has serviced hundreds of businesses throughout Florida, we have observed that it is very difficult for you as an owner/manager of a small or medium sized business to dedicate staff to maintaining your computer network. Monitoring the overall health of your network, proactive management of your servers, verifying that backups are working effectively, and confirming virus signatures are up-to-date are essential tasks that are often over looked and even put off because of time and/or intimidation factors.

Why do you still spend so much time thinking about IT?

You can stop now. PowerOne's PowerIT service offerings are designed to let you shift your focus from IT to operating and growing your business without lowering your expectations of a reliable network with maximum uptime.

PowerOne has developed the PowerIT program to allow you to budget your IT costs with a simple flat monthly fee and gain greater confidence knowing that your IT infrastructure is being professionally monitored and maintained. The PowerOne PowerIT provides guaranteed periodic reviews of your network and essential IT services. The PowerIT Program is highly customizable to your specific needs and offers exclusive program advantages over standard call-as-needed service. PowerOne is confident that the PowerIT program will benefit your business and give you the peace of mind that your network and computer systems are performing at optimal levels.

Budget your IT costs effectively

PowerOne is the only provider in the market to offer custom tailored managed service packages. We will work with your company to develop the right solution for your company. PowerOne provides several contract levels that allow you to choose the level of support that fits your business' needs. We can help you select the services and plan that will best suit your exact needs.

Maximum Flexibility

To ensure maximum performance of your systems, the PowerIT manage can be customized on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule for proactive service appointments.

Maximum Savings

With the PowerIT flat fee approach your company will get support for all your users and devices for a simple monthly price all wrapped up in a consistent monthly invoice. We call it "Flat Fee IT". Our Flat Fee IT approach simplifies the partnership between your company and PowerOne. We're truly here whenever you need us and for as much as you need us. Gone are the days of reviewing monthly invoices and waiting to make changes or repairs because you are over your monthly service budget. You'll no longer have to focus so much attention on your monthly IT budget and you can get back to growing your business. With PowerIT Manage, PowerOne will support your entire network as well as your employee's devices such as tablets and smart phones, all at a flat monthly rate.