Shoretel Migration Solutions

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Planning and Implemenation

Proper planning is essential to a smooth implmentation. PowerOne has a proven track record with Shoretel implementations. We will work with you and your partners to ensure that everything is considered. And that extends from accessing your current network capabilities to the final states of system implementation, training, and cut-over.

Network Design Validation

PowerOne will verify and validate your voice design requirements and data networking best practices to assure successful deployment of the Shoretel VoIP soution.

VoIP Readiness Assessment

Our experience shows that a Network Assessment has a significant impact on end-user satisfaction. A network assessment helps to ensure that your infrastructure can successfully carry voice over IP (VoIP) and deliver the voice quality you need. As part of a Network Assessment, an engineer monitors the network over a number of days to identify any changes required to make your infrastructure VoIP ready.

Implementation or Upgrade

PowerOne staffs certified ShoreTel experts and they are available to provide either an initial installation service when your ShoreTel systems are first purchased or assistance when you chose to upgrade to a new ShoreTel software release. Experienced project managers and ShoreTel engineers help ensure all goes smoothly whether they assist remotely or are onsite for the process.