Shoretel Unified Communications

Get Started with PowerOne and ShoretelPowerOne and ShoreTel's powerful all-in-one UC solution was designed from the ground up to take advantage of IP technology and eliminate the kind of complexity found in competing solutions that keeps organizations tangled up in high costs.

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Purpose Built for VoIP Telephony

Thanks to its ingenious purpose-built single-image architecture, your premise-based ShoreTel IP phone system scales and grows across as many sites, or as many continents, as you need. From ShoreTel Director, a single browser-based interface, IT staff can manage the entire VoIP phone system with plug-and-play ease. And because it is an open system, it integrates with popular business applications, enabling you to get more out of your most valuable assets: people and information.

Maximum Up-Time with 99.999% Availability

The ShoreTel distributed architecture is incorporated into a unique on-site, appliance-based, IP PBX platform with no single point of failure: each switch and site functions as an independent call processor. In the event of wide area network (WAN) failure, the phone system continues to place and receive calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The Lowest TCO in the Industry

Our total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis tool can show you why ShoreTel's on-premises IP PBX phone system offers the lowest TCO in the industry. Many customers report a return of investment within a year. Over the long term, the unified communications tools of a ShoreTel business VoIP telephone system reduce costs company-wide by streamlining business processes, putting critical information in reach, and eliminating both missed calls and the need for expensive third-party conference services. Contact us today for a free analysis!